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About Us

Platinum Legends Sports specializes in a friendly and family-oriented sports atmosphere. True teamwork comes from trust and comradeship, so we treat our players like real individuals, not just like a number. Contact us today to learn more! We pay our coaches. 


For the competitive 2020 season, each team will play a competitive tournament schedule consisting of 3-6 tournaments. We do offer inter-league and in-house games with Burbank National allowing us to focus on competitive play. Any player that also plays in a local league is more than welcome to continue with that league, with the explicit understanding that Platinum Legends tournaments must take priority.

No Fundraising

As a nonprofit group, Platinum Legends Sports is happy to accept sponsorships. We do not fundraise, so there are no extra costs related to that. Parents are responsible for players' expenses related to travel and lodging.

Mission Statement

Platinum Legends Sports is a travel sports league organization located in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Our mission is to provide opportunities and exposure for our athletes while competing at the highest levels of travel baseball and instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity. Platinum Legends Sports teaches their athletes to respect the game, work hard and play hard.

Program Goals:

  1. Provide each athlete with the opportunity to learn, develop and improve their sports skills.
  2. Provide each athlete with an atmosphere that encourages a mental, social and emotional maturity.
  3. Field successful teams at all levels.
  4. Prepare athletes for competitive sports.

Philosophy Statement:

Platinum Legends Sports focuses on consistent hard work and striving to become a better athlete and ball player. We believe in building up your teammates to be better, always believe in your abilities and strive for success.

An athlete's character is revealed in times of adversity and we believe that challenge is met not only in sports but also in life.

At Platinum Legends Sports, We Push the Game Forward